Every Other Freckle - Alt-J

Today I've got a little music advice for you again. It's about a song by a band I really like. In summer they released their second album and I want you to give the latest single of this album a chance, because it is fantastic.

The song I'm talking about is called "Every Other Freckle" and the band is Alt-J. It's a very unique song, has an electronic vibe and is somehow unsettling, but very, very cool. You can listen to it on Spotify at the end of this post.


Orange Is The New Black

When I was ill and in bed a few weeks ago, I decided, that it's time to watch a new series. And as I just started my Netflix subscription back then, I thought it might be a good idea to watch one of their original series, as I heard a lot of people saying they're great.

So I started watching "Orange Is The New Black" and I got hooked. Two weeks later I had watched all two seasons and can't wait to see the third one, when it arrives.

The series is about Piper Chapma, who's bisexual and living in New York with her (male) fiancé. She's sentenced to 15 month in a women's prison for transporting drug money for her former girlfriend Alex Vause, an international drug smuggler. The crime happened ten years ago and by the time Piper got sentenced he already lived with her new partner in New York and had a totally different life as a manager.


Never Been Better - Olly Murs

It's the fourth studio album by one of my favourite artists, English singer-songwriter Olly Murs. It's called "Never Been Better" and it's a good one! The song writing is great and it's a bit of a redefinition of the musician Olly Murs, but without loosing his happy and charming personality.

The album is even better than the last one from two years ago (the title's kind of right there), but honestly I still love the first one the most. But maybe I just have to get used to the "new" sound.

There's a variety of songs, some of them make me dance around the flat ("Did You Miss Me", "Wrapped Up", "Stick With Me") and some of them nearly make me cry ("Nothing Without You", "Tomorrow").