Finally I found time to write about this film, I wanted to do it for weeks. Now I finally sat down to write this post with the music of "Interstellar" in the background. I thought it's fitting to listen to the music of the film I'm writing about, especially because it's one of the things which makes the film wonderful. But more about that later.

I don't know whether it makes sense to write a lot about the plot or not, thus if you want to know bout the plot read it over here on IMDb. Or maybe you know it already, because you've watched the film as well. I'm just going to tell you, that the film is about interstellar travel, worm holes and black holes, saving humanity and about how people's lives are affected by it.

"Interstellar" is not just a film, it's an experience - and it's a mind-bending one. I'd say the film is not for everyone, because it needs a bit of thinking and it gets quite emotionally heavy in some parts, but for me it was just perfect. It got something in it for every part of me.


"A December Without..." Tag

Hello my friends,

that's something very different to what I normally do, but I got tagged to do this by the lovely Luu, whose Blog you find over here.

The question is "What are the five things you can't live without in December?". According to the theme of my blog I changed it a bit and turned it into five films and five songs, I hope that's alright.

The five films that are my favourites for December are of corse Christmas ones. Here you go:
  1. Miracle on 34th Street
  2. Love, Actually
  3. Christmas Vacation
  4. Joyeux Noel
  5. The Santa Clause
And the five songs are of corse Christmas songs as well:
  1.  I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day by Wizzard
  2.  White Christmas by Bing Crosby
  3.  Thank God It's Christmas by Queen
  4.  Do They Know It's Christmas? by Band Aid
  5.  That's a special one: It's a Christmas song mashup by Bastille, which they did last Christmas and I really like it. You can't listen/watch it below.

I don't want to tag anyone specific, but if you read this post and have a blog on your own, feel tagged by me! (And link your posts in the comments, thus I can read them.)

I hope you all enjoy watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas songs these days. What are your favourites? I'm happy to read your comments.


VS. Other People's Heartache Part III - Bastille

Here's something I was looking forward to for quite a while now. Bastille's new mixtape VS. (Other People's Heartache Part III). As you presumably know they're one of my favourite artists and therefore I'm always very excited to hear new music from them.

Even though it's less really new songs than ecpected it is still brilliant! I'm lying, it is six and a half new songs, only the first one were heard on other records in different versions previously. The half one is the cut off rap part from Torn Apart, don't get confused. The songs just don't feel new to me, because most of them were played on radio before and I listened to them a lot, because I really liked them and couldn't stop.


Midnight in Paris

Normally I don't get Woody Allen's films and I don't like them, but this one was amusing, fascinating and quite brilliant.

Somehow I've got to thank Netflix for making me watch it. I wondered why it always showed up in my suggestions on what to watch, especially because all I watched on Netflix lately were some Sci-Fi/Fantasy films, Orange is the New Black, Sherlock and Doctor Who. But maybe it was the latter which brought it up, because of the time travel. But seriously, I wanted to watch it after Allen won an Oscar for writing it, but I forgot about the film and I'm glad I've finally seen it.

I already mentioned time travel, maybe I should tell you a bit about the film. It's said to be a romantic comedy, but it's not what you think, it's not that typical boy meets girl and falls in love one. It's more of an adventure, a journey.