Southside Festival 2015

I know, I know - it's Glastonbury, the festival of all festivals, this weekend and that's the thing everyone's talking about. But I've been to one of the numerous festivals in Germany last weekend and I thought it would be nice to tell you about that.
I've mainly been there to work, so I haven't seen as many bands as the "normal" visitors, but I've seen quite a few and especially some I really liked, so I've still got something to report.

Have you been to a festival before? I haven't. I never really wanted to. I was always looking at the line-up of several festivals thinking "Oh that sounds amazing". But then I thought of how much money I'd have to spend and about how I'd have to spend my nights in a tent - I'm not really the camping type of person - and decided not to go.

Now I "had to go" because of work. Therefore I've not had the full festival experience: I slept in a hotel, I was working and hanging around backstage and only saw some of the acts in my breaks or after work.


Olly Murs - Never Been Better Tour 2015

It's now already two and a half weeks ago since I've seen one of my favourite artists - Olly Murs. What a day it was! Brilliant.

Except for the beginning. I had to travel about three and a half hours to get from where I live to Oberhausen, where Olly was playing that night. But as usual when travelling to see Olly a lot went wrong. When I got to the station in the morning a friend texted me, that my train was about 50 minutes late and sadly she was right. Therefore I had to plan a new journey and take a completely different train an hour later. So that already stressed me out a lot. And if that hadn't been enough I nearly missed my connection train and thought it would take me even longer, but that part went well for me - phew.

Anyway after more than five hours after I left at home I got to the venue in Oberhausen and met my friends who got there a lot earlier than me. We had a fun day even though the organisation at the arena was horrible and we had to fear not to get to stand in the front which we of corse aimed for. But we managed it and were beyond happy.