Do you know the game Machinarium? That’s exactly what kind of game this film would be. And it would have been a good PC or console game. But as a film it’s a bit boring to be honest. If I hadn’t been on the exercise bike at the time I watched it, I’m not sure if I would have watched it until the end.

Maybe that is also a bit because I’m always a bit prejudiced when it comes to animated movies and not in a good way. Shark tale ruined it for me forever I reckon (except for Disney films). But this one seemed to be different. It looks darker, is a Science Fiction setting and produced by Tim Burton. And I’m quite fond of Tim Burton, he does good stuff most of the time. Weird, but good.

This film is about a group of rag dolls which are living on Earth after all humans died due to the world’s machines killing them. In the final days of human kind a scientist gave life to said rag dolls. 9 is one of them and he leads the small


Chaos and the Calm - James Bay

James Bay is one of these new authentic singer-songwriters, whose honesty and simplicity make them special and successful. His music is so personal you can tell, because you can hear real emotion in his voice, when he sings.
I’ve heard some of his live performance and he’s so good. Definitely one of these people who aren’t just good on their records.

I love how he made his way to the release of his debut album "Chaos and the Calm" through


Kingsman: The Secret Service

I don't know, what I expected really, I just wanted to see this film after I've seen the trailer. It sounded fun and thrilling - and it was fun and thrilling, but at some points just too much "fun".

The film tells the story of a secret service oranisation called Kingsman. They're recruiting new members for their training programme, just as a big thread emerges. The tech genius Richard Valentine is planning kill a big part of the world's population. The Kingsman learn about the crime and so Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth, and later some of the recruits spring into action to stop him and his deathly network.

Kingsman could have been an elegant, humorous spy thriller. A better James Bond film, then the actual new James Bond films are. Don't get me wrong, I like the James Bond franchise. But since Daniel Craig took over they lost their allurement and humour.