The Imitation Game

Finally, finally, finally I've seen The Imitation Game. I wanted to see it from the first time I heard about it and that was quite a while ago as I follow nearly every (film related) step Mister Cumberbatch does because he's my favourite actor. And the film got released in August already. But hasn't been out in Germany until last week so I was happy to be able to see it in Berlin last weekend (it's not showed in my town's little cinema). And I was stunned by the beauty of this film.

For those who haven't heard about the film yet: It's about Alan Turing who was a Mathematician and a pioneer of computer sciences. He's been a specialist in cryptography and helped the Allies to win the Second World War by decoding the Enigma Code, which was used by the Germans to send messages which couldn't be read by the Allies. The film narrates the story of him and his team and especially focuses on the problems they had doing this amazing work. It also tells Turing's background story as it is disturbing. He's been gay in a time where that was illegal and even though he was a genius and helping his country and the world, they treated him very badly.


Artist Rendezvous: Rae Morris

Hello, hello. I'm back after an extended break for Christmas and New Years. I hope you all had great holidays.

And I've got a feeling that it's going to be a good year, at least when it comes to music and also films. There's so many things I'm excited about and in this post I'll be telling you about one of them.

BBC Radio 1 releases a list of artists to watch every year. And on the Sound of 2015 list, there's one person who's music I really, really like.

Her name is Rae Morris and she's a British singer-songwriter. Last year loved her voice on Clean Bandit's Up Again, but I didn't think about her. Then I also heard her single Closer on the radio, but I didn't know it was Rae's song and now I'm so happy I rediscovered her (thanks to Radio 1).