Letters to Juliet

I'm going to Italy in a few weeks and what's a better way to get into the mood for it than watching a film set there? Right. Nothing.

That and because a friend and I were searching for a cute film to watch is why I've been watching it again recently. I've seen it before and apparently I remembered it as cute and Italian...

But first , here's what it's all about: letters to Juliet tells a story about finding love and that it's never too late. It was inspired by the non-fiction book Letters to Juliet by Lise and Ceil Friedman, which is about people writing to Shakespeare's Juliet.
When the New Yorker journalist Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) visits Verona she discovers this place where lots of women put their letters to Juliet. When she finds an old letter which has been hidden for quite a while and answers to it, she meets Claire who decides to go on a journey to find Lorenzo, the man she was writing about in her letter all these years ago. Sophie accompanies her on the trip and the outcome is a beautiful story taking the viewer to all these stunning places around Tuskany, Italy.

The end is a bit too cheesy and clichéd for me, but the rest of the film is very cute and emotional. Have I mentioned it being cute? I know, once or twice... Anyway. It's nothing special though. Don't expect a new, exciting and inspirational story, it's a typical daydream plot. But the wonderful locations and the wonderful performance of Vanessa Redgrave as Claire make the film stand out of all the similar fairytale lovestories. 

If you're looking for some romance without that sometimes dumb comedy character and without a very big drama, then this film is the right one to watch for you. And also if you've got a trip to Italy scheduled just like me, it makes you want to go there even more.

What's your favourite cute love film? And have you been to Tuskany yet? I could use some travel advice :) Leave a comment below.



  1. Like this movie, but i've never been to Italy. Wish you to have a good trip and waiting for beautiful photos from there :))

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