Artist Rendezvous: Rae Morris

Hello, hello. I'm back after an extended break for Christmas and New Years. I hope you all had great holidays.

And I've got a feeling that it's going to be a good year, at least when it comes to music and also films. There's so many things I'm excited about and in this post I'll be telling you about one of them.

BBC Radio 1 releases a list of artists to watch every year. And on the Sound of 2015 list, there's one person who's music I really, really like.

Her name is Rae Morris and she's a British singer-songwriter. Last year loved her voice on Clean Bandit's Up Again, but I didn't think about her. Then I also heard her single Closer on the radio, but I didn't know it was Rae's song and now I'm so happy I rediscovered her (thanks to Radio 1).

Her new single is called Under The Shadows and it is the last song she has written for her upcoming debut LP Unguarded, to which I'm really looking forward to. The song is kind of anthemic and it reminds me a bit of Ellie Goulding to be honest. Which isn't a bad thing, I like Ellie. Under The Shadows is grooving and I can't stop listening to it.

Rae describes her forthcoming debut LP as "a coming-of-age tale – a series of diary entries documenting those important years of growing up and learning" and therfore I'm really looking forward to hearing it in full.

I hope you get really excited about Rae's music as well whilst listening to Under The Shadows above or maybe whilst watching the beautifully creative video to Closer below.


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