Kingsman: The Secret Service

I don't know, what I expected really, I just wanted to see this film after I've seen the trailer. It sounded fun and thrilling - and it was fun and thrilling, but at some points just too much "fun".

The film tells the story of a secret service oranisation called Kingsman. They're recruiting new members for their training programme, just as a big thread emerges. The tech genius Richard Valentine is planning kill a big part of the world's population. The Kingsman learn about the crime and so Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth, and later some of the recruits spring into action to stop him and his deathly network.

Kingsman could have been an elegant, humorous spy thriller. A better James Bond film, then the actual new James Bond films are. Don't get me wrong, I like the James Bond franchise. But since Daniel Craig took over they lost their allurement and humour.
And I know, that they didn't want to make a new Bond double and it's meant to be a comedy action film. I personally would have loved that.

The way Matthew Vaughn, the writer and director, decided to do this film it's a spy comedy. There are a lot of jokes and references to other spy and super hero films.

I really loved the first 90 minutes, got quite excited about the actors, especially Colin Firth getting everything right and about the filming techniques, there are a lot of pretty effects in it. But then it got a bit too much and honestly silly, I'm speaking of the heads bursting into fireworks and the quite weird music layed over the fights, if you've already seen it. But maybe I'm just not getting it or my expectations made me think that - please tell me if that's the case.

If you want a night full of action and fun, watch this film, you will most of the time enjoy it and maybe be a bit annoyed as I was or totally happy depending on your expectations and humour.



  1. I have to say that I expected something different and I don't really know what I expected. The actors are brilliant and also the special effects and fight scenes are amazingly done. But the story is a bit more complicated than I thought and there were quite a few surprises in there (one very sad surprise...). There's a lot of fun but I don't agree with you saying there's too much fun. The exploding heads and funny music for example had me in tears of laughter. Of course that was weird but in my eyes much more exciting than just a normal fight scene (again). What I also like about the film are the allusions to problems in our society: Almost everyone is dependent on their smartphones; global warming...
    Eggsy's story is heartwarming too so all in all I'd say that Kingsman is a really good, exciting and funny film but of course you have to like the kind of humour (which I did).

    (Oh and I love your blog, Julia, keep going! :) )

    1. Aww thanks, I'll try to keep it going and good :) x