Olly Murs - Never Been Better Tour 2015

It's now already two and a half weeks ago since I've seen one of my favourite artists - Olly Murs. What a day it was! Brilliant.

Except for the beginning. I had to travel about three and a half hours to get from where I live to Oberhausen, where Olly was playing that night. But as usual when travelling to see Olly a lot went wrong. When I got to the station in the morning a friend texted me, that my train was about 50 minutes late and sadly she was right. Therefore I had to plan a new journey and take a completely different train an hour later. So that already stressed me out a lot. And if that hadn't been enough I nearly missed my connection train and thought it would take me even longer, but that part went well for me - phew.

Anyway after more than five hours after I left at home I got to the venue in Oberhausen and met my friends who got there a lot earlier than me. We had a fun day even though the organisation at the arena was horrible and we had to fear not to get to stand in the front which we of corse aimed for. But we managed it and were beyond happy.
So on to the concert itself. Olly had a German support act called berge, who were surprisingly really good. I had fun listening to them and the singer had a great voice, which was kind of important because I knew she would be singing "Up" with Olly later and I didn't want her to ruin it, but at that point I was already quite sure she wouldn't.

And then it was time for Olly and finally I got really, really excited to see him again. The show started with "Heart Skips A Beat", his first Number 1 single in Germany. It's the song nearly everyone knows, if he loves, likes, doesn't care about or even hates Olly (how could you hate him though?).
Yet I was a bit surprised that he started with it, because I was expecting him to start with "Did You Miss Me", which he did secondly. I just thought it would be the perfect song to start, message-wise.

But alright, HSAB made everyone dance and sing right from the start - maybe it was a good choice afterall, I'm still not sure.

Next up were "Hey You Beautiful" and "Hand on Heart", both songs from his third album, which was released in 2012. Then it was time for the title track of his newest album "Never Been Better", which I'm really fond of. The song is one of my favourite tracks from the fourth album, like I've already said when reviewing it on here.

And as he was already playing album title tracks, he continued with "Right Place Right Time" - the 2012 one. This song made me reminisce about the last tour in 2013 and the amazing time I had back then. And I think my friends felt the same so we were having the most fun doing our little dance routine to the song. Then it was time for "Seasons" and Olly's latest German single "Up", which he performed with Marianne the singer of the support band. And I loved it, she was really good. Actually even better as Demi Lovato who's singing with Olly on the original track. When she sang it once live with him, it wasn't good. But this version was. There was some chemistry between the two and that made it very enjoyable.

 The next song is the one I really hoped that he would actually sing it on tour, because it's my absolute favourite, at least when it comes to the newest album. I can't decide on an overall favourite song. It's called "Hope You Got What You Came For" and I just like the sound of it. It's different to a lot of others and I think it's a bit more "my style". I was afraid he wouldn't play it, like it was 2013 with Loud & Clear, which was my favourite back then. But everything was fine, he sang it, he sang it well and I was very, very happy.

It was followed by "Dance With Me Tonight", "Let Me In" which Olly wrote with Paul Weller and "Dear Darlin'" a fan favourite. It's such a pretty and emotional song, I remember having a little tear in my eye when I heard it live for the first time.

Olly loves a good Medley. And Funk music. So the following "song" was such a medley out of lots of funky song such as the classic "Le Freak" and the current hit "Uptown Funk". And it involved a lot of dancing. Things like that show that he's a real entertainer. And a good one as well.

The last songs were "Beautiful To Me", an uptempo ballad with a lovely message, which he dedicated to the fans and of course "Wrapped Up" the most successful single from "Never Been Better" so far.

But you can't just leave like that, can you? Not if your name is Olly Troublemaker Murs. With "Troublemaker" as an encore an awesome concert and night came to an end.

You can probably tell already, that I enjoyed every minute of the gig. I was very happy afterwards so it was priceless night - well, I payed for the ticket, but anway. I can only recommend everyone to go and see Olly Murs live if you get the chance one day, like pop music and just want to enjoy yourself.

To get a little impression of what it was like, you can watch all of the (slightly) bad videos I recorded at the end of this post. I forgot my camera at home so I had to use my phone, which isn't quite as good. And speaking of the forgotten camera: Thank you Marlina for letting me use your photos.

What was your last concert? Or have you even seen Olly live? What was it like? Leave a comment.


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