Songs of the Week [23]

Hello everyone - how is it Monday again?

But don't worry, this also means a lot of new music came your way last Friday and I have picked the best new tracks for today's post.

I am currently traveling around the UK and today is my first day in London. I'm having a lot of fun and have seen some great places already, Portsmouth and Bath to be precise, and I think I will write a special blog post about my trip, if you're interested, so let me know.

And even though I am abroad, I made you a little playlist. I just couldn't write about all the songs because Blogger doesn't want to let me edit my blog properly on my iPad, it takes ages and I haven't got my laptop with me. I really need to find a solution to this problem for my next trip...

I hope you enjoy this week's music which is a wild mix of genres - pop, alternative, dance....

Make sure to listen to the end since the last one is my favourite. After his huge hit Faded from last year, Norwegian producer Alan Walker has released a new single called Sing Me To Sleep. It is again featuring the voice of Iselin Solheim and is another melodic and catchy song. I hope it will do as well as his predecessor.

Do you like this week's songs? And if not, what's you're favourite new single? I would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.

If you are in need of even more music, feel free to listen to the whole Songs of 2016 (Spotify // Apple Music) playlist or my Currently Listening list (Spotify // Apple Music).

Lots of love from London
Julia x


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