Songs of the Week [28]

I'm back from my holiday in Malta (it was beautiful, I will tell you on Thursday), but I am not feeling very well and had so much to do since we came back, so you will have to cope with a short post today again.

But the music is still great. Olly Murs is back with new music, more precisely a single called You Don't Know Love and I am very pleased by the sound, I hope it's going to be one of the songs of this summer.

Also, Biffy Clyro's album Ellipsis was realesed last Friday (listen, it's amazing) and to celebrate I have put another song of them on list - Howl.

The other songs are Run (Beautiful Things) by American indie band AWOLNATION, who you might remember from their great song Sail, Fountain Of Youth by Local Natives, Haux's new song The War, which is really beautiful and The Storm In Everything by the Danish band NovemberDecember, who you should really check out.

And now - just hit play on the list below, have a great day and enjoy the music.

There you go, another six new tracks added to the Songs of 2016 list. I hope you enjoy them and if you do or if you don't, why not let me know? What was your favourite new song that came out last Friday? Just leave a comment below, I love hearing from you.

If you are in need of even more music, feel free to listen to the whole Songs of 2016 (Spotify // Apple Music) playlist or my Currently Listening list (Spotify // Apple Music). 



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! The music is great!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  2. Music can be fitting for nearly any situation in life. I especially enjoy soothing music during stressful or difficult times.

  3. I hope you will keep on submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience with us.