Fifty Shades Of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I'm not as excited as everyone seems to be about the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" film, I haven't been fond of the books either. But I do actually really, really like the soundtrack.

I was especially thrilled to hear new music by Ellie Goulding, because I really like her. "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding is the title song to the film and it's a catchy pop song. But a bit repetitive if you ask me, but that's the case with loads of songs. It's still a tough song and it gets stuck in your head immediately - a real Ohrwurm, as the Germans would say.

The rest of the soundtrack over all is a quite calm, but a beautiful one. Except for the Beyoncé tracks, I'm sorry, but I really don't like them. The remix of Crazy In Love ruins the original song and Haunted isn't very good as well...

I'm particularly enchanted by the mixture of artists on the record. It's great that it features songs from Annie Lennox and Frank Sinatra, both artists that are well know and have/had been in music for a long time. Then there's The Weeknd, AWOLNATION and Laura Welsh, who's undeniably someone to watch. They're all rather new artists that are just establishing themselves in the music business and for whom this soundtrack might be a great opportunity to get people to like them. And I reckon I'm one of these people.

Ergo, if you like discovering new music and enjoy some calm but beautiful music, this is the right LP for you to listen to. Don't care about the film it was made for just about the music.


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