Kaleidoscope // Summer Song - Brass Phantoms

Last week I got my first ever artist request for a review of their music. I was so excited when I read Ryan's email. Fun fact: I nearly deleted it before reading though, because I thought it was Spam, but then I realised it was actually written to me.

Ryan from Brass Phantoms asked me to listen to their new single and give them an opinion of what I think about it. So here's a little something about them and their new songs.

Brass Phantoms (Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp) are an Irish indie rock band consisting of Ryan, James, Adam and Greg. They released they debut EP in 2014 and on 20th September this year they've now released their new double sided single with the songs Kaleidoscope and Summer Song and this is what they're like:


The intro sounds a bit like some TV theme tune, I can't remember which one though... But it makes me happy, I like that a lot. The verses sound good, however the chorus sounds a bit like these horrible boy bands that come to X Factor sometimes - something's wrong there, I feel like I've got to mute it until the verse comes back. I'm sorry, this song could have been great...

Summer Song

This song me a little bit of Radiohead. And I love Radiohead. It's much better than Kaleidoscope. I really like the sound of this song, it's a relaxed song with a melody that's easy to grasp and a chorus that gets stuck in your head. So this one's really good and worth a listen.

As you see there's a really good and a just partly good song and therefore I gave the release three hearts. However I'll keep an eye on them, because that sounds like there could be some more nice songs coming from Brass Phantoms.

You can stream Kaleidoscope // Summer Song on Spotify or find it on iTunes and Apple Music. Tell me what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate hearing your opinions.

Julia x