Songs of the Week [51]

Hello fellow music lovers!

It's time for some more great songs to listen to, isn't it?

I've got another six special ones for you this week, that are all good enough to have made it to my Playlist of 2015.

I really hope you enjoy this week's songs, here we go:

Under The Stars - John Legend

The first one is one of these typical festive season songs created by John Legend. But it is one with something really really really special. And yes, it was necessary to put the word "very" three times into that last sentence.
 The song features the sound of real stars. I repeat, real stars - these bright things burning in the sky. The sounds were recorded by scientists at NASA, who transform the light curves of stars into sounds that humans can hear. It's beautiful. If you want to know more about it, check out this article about it on EarthSky and to listen to the sounds the stars make go to NASA's Kepler project page.

The Crawl - Lanterns on the Lake

The Crawl is a beautiful indie rock track, which is super lovely. The smooth lyrics by singer Hazel Wilde blend perfectly with the powerful music. A dreamy song perfect for winter days.

This Idea Of Us - Jono McCleery

What a sound! I love the acoustic guitar, the percussion, all the strings and the power the song has. It's simply amazing.

We Were Here - BOY

It's been quiet around the musical duo BOY during the past two years, but now they're back. Their new song We Were Here is a catchy pop tune with a very individual touch.

Magnets - Disclosure feat. Lorde

I've been listening to this song for quite a while now. You might remember electronic music duo Disclosure from songs like Latch or White Noise. Now they've released an album called Caracal, which is full of new great tunes and Magnets is one of them.
I love Lorde's voice, so I was happy to hear a new song featuring her and I'm happy it's a good one.

Think Of The Sunshine - Hurricane #1

This is my message to all of you, who are suffering under the winter blues. Think Of The Sunshine and let the new single by rock band Hurricane #1 warm you up. It's taken from their comeback album Find What You Love And Let It Kill You, which is quite good.

So this is the playlist of the week. As always you can listen to it in full on Spotify. Enjoy!

Next week it's time for a Christmas special, so if you got a special Christmas song you adore, let me know. I love dicovering new ones.

Julia x


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