Innuendo Bingo Favourites

Hello there - I thought it's about time to talk to you about another one of my favourite silly and funny radio/TV features. I already showed you my Carpool Karaoke favourites some months ago and today it's time for Innuendo Bingo.

For everyone who doesn't know it already: It's part of Scott Mills' and Chris Stark's weekdays BBC Radio 1 show and in Innuendo Bingo season on once a week. They collect funny innuendo audio clips from TV or radio shows and play them whilst to people have water in their mouth trying not to laugh (or trying to make the other person as wet as possible, I'm never sure).

Sounds weird? It is. And it is super funny and you can even play along if you want to make a mess or your floor needs cleaning anyway.

I have picked my Top 5 games of Innuendo Bingo and I hope you will be as entertained as I was by them. Have a watch.

5. Olly Murs

This one is probably the first one I have ever seen and which made me watch a lot of other ones. Therefore it has to be on the list and it's quite hilarious as well and not just because of that rain coat.

4. Gerard Butler

Well, who doesn't like looking at a wet Gerard Butler? At least that's one for the ladies. As well as it is probably one of the wettest I have seen and therefore special as well.

3. Nick Grimshaw, the Flying Innuendo Bingo special

I love a special edition and this has to be one of the best ones for the effort only.

2. Greg James, the Posh Innuendo Bingo special

Suits, posh glasses, a lot of water and some great clips make a very entertaining Innuendo Binog episode.

1. Innuendo Bingo in the Library

Best special edition ever. Chris alone in a university library and the looks on the faces of the people around him are so priceless.


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