alt-J // Autumn Tour 2015

So this was the last gig for this year then. And my "concert season" ended on a high.

I have already told you about Alt-j and their music here last year and also about how great it was seeing them at Southside Festival 2015.

Hence, I don't think I have to say a lot. It was even better seeing them on a proper concert of theirs comparing it to their festival set.

Musically they really are geniuses, it's very different from everything else I've heard so far and very, very cool. And the light show is stunning. If you're not totally amazed by how it works with the music and rounds up the show just perfectly, you probably won't be happy about any gig...

Here's some more pictures, that don't even show properly how great it looked in reality.

And if you want to see even more, I've made a video for you with some impressions from the gig.

I hope you liked that at least a bit as much as I did. And if you're living in the "right" places, you've still got a chance to see them this year. There's still a few dates left:

27/11/2015     Lausanne, Switzerland
29/11/2015     Manchester, United Kingdom
01/12/2015     Bournemouth, United Kingdom
02/12/2015     Exeter, United Kingdom
03/12/2015     Cardiff, United Kingdom
06/12/2015     Leeds, United Kingdom
07/12/2015     Glasgow, United Kingdom
08/12/2015     Nottingham, United Kingdom

Visit for more information and tickets. And I'm telling you, do it if you've got the chance, it's worth it!