15 Questions About SPECTRE

I've been to the cinema to watch Spectre yesterday. It's been fun, I really liked watching it.

I'm not going to write a proper review. I'm quite sure all of you, who are interested in the James Bond films, have read loads of opinions already and/or seen the film.

But whilst watching it and afterwards I asked myself some (partly strange) questions... And I couldn't resist writing them down for you, so here we go:
  1. Is this 007's Happy End now?
  2. When did I start liking Daniel Craig as Bond?
  3. Why wasn't Andrew Scott more of a psycho and why couldn't I stop thinking about him as Moriarty?
  4. Why did Daniel Craig get the line "Did you miss me?"? Isn't that Moriarty's question?
  5. Is the punctuation in the question above right?
  6. Why is it bothering me that Christoph Waltz is dubbing himself?
  7. Is he really evil or why is he never playing a nice guy?
  8. How did Madeleine get undressed whilst sleeping when they were at L'Américain?
  9. Was the rat a real rat or a drone?
  10. Was Q really surprised that Bond stole the car?
  11. When did Ben Whishaw get so cute?
  12. Why was I not able to stop thinking about him murdering all those women for his perfume?
  13. Why did it take me till the end of the film to realise that I really don't like Ralph Fiennes' German voice?
  14. What happened to Monica Bellucci's character? Was she really picked up by someone?
  15. And above all: Is James Bond a Timelord? And if so, when will he finally meet the Doctor?

Alright, that's it. An insight into my weird mind. I hope you enjoyed that. I'm off to watch last night's Doctor Who now, maybe Bond's already in it...

If you've got any questions to add to the list, let me know.

Julia x


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