Songs of the Week [48]

It's Monday!

No, I'm not as excited as it sounds about that fact, but I actually am excited about this week's songs.

I've found some quite new artists for you this week on a little hunt on Soundcloud. I enjoy listening to the suggestions I get due to artists I already like.

Most of the time I've got the music playing in the background and once in a while there's this one song that makes me stop and listen keenly. And it's exactly these songs then make it onto lists like this one. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Freazy - Wolf Alice

Here's another one for your winter relax playlist. The vocals by Wolf Alice singer Ellie are on point and swap between being beautifully mellow in the verses and more powerful in the chorus. It's a relatively calm, but still energising song.
And if you want more from Wolf Alice after hearing this one, there's a whole album full of great songs, which is called My Love Is Cool and is the debut album of the four-piece.

Stay Weird - We're No Heroes

Stay Weird is the funky one of the playlist. I stumbled across this song on soundcloud and instantly thought that's one for the list. For the title alone. I love being weird sometimes and wouldn't dare to not stay like this. And due to my weirdness the line "let the jungle in your mind go wild" could actually become my life motto.
We're No Heroes are an Indie Funk / New Wave band and that's excatcly how the song sounds. It's got an 80's retro vibe, but it's still sounding fresh and new. If you like Circa Waves, Arctic Monkeys or Foals, you might like WNH as well.

Be The One - Dua Lipa

Amazing track! All I've got to say... Well, a bit more. I heard the song on BBC Radio 1 due to it being Annie Mac's Tune of the Week. And that was when I started playing it over and over again. I think 19-year-old Dua Lipa is one of the artists to watch next year.

Breathe Life - Jack Garratt

This is the newest single by the very talented Jack Garratt. The song is such a great mixture of - well - everything. It's got some current R&B sounds paired with funky guitar and piano parts and electronic synths. This is making me very excited about how his debut album PHASE will sound like when it'll be out in February next year.

Sway - Carvell

This one's another Soundcloud found, when I searched for artists that can be compared to Foals. So if you know them, which I hope you do (if not read this one), you already know what to expect. Sway is the first single by Carvell and it's impressive Alternative rock tune, with a catchy guitar riff. Seems like that's nearly all a good song needs...

Happy Alone - Matrix & Futurebound feat. V. Bozeman

And if that's all been a bit too much Indie / Alternative rock, singer songwriter stuff for you - here's my favourite drum & base song of the week: Happy Alone. Finally someone who "won't sing about love" and makes a great song out of it.
I like the song because it's super happy and it's chasing away your bad temper when listening. Maybe that's just what we need on these dark November days.

To listen to all of this week's songs, without having to search for every one of them, click here. And there's also an ever-growing playlist with all the songs featuring in this year's Songs of the Week posts. Listen to that for all the good stuff.

Julia x



  1. Great song voices!! Stay Weird is an amazing tune :)

  2. Hello,
    I just want to drop a quick comment thanking you for your recommendations! I found myself adding several of your mentioned songs to my Spotify playlist and thought I'd let you know because they've helped me through many dull days at the office :) I always appreciate non-mainstream suggestions in particular since they're not as easy to come across!

    1. Oh thank you, that's really good to hear :)

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