Song Advice of the Week [45]

I thought it's about time to get a new feature. As you might have noticed I'm talking more about music lately. This is happening due to too little time for reading and watching films because of me working on my final paper for uni...
But I hope you like hearing about music and from today on every Monday will be Song Advice of the Week day.

I'll try to come up with those five recently released songs you shouldn't miss. And maybe now and then add some good "oldies", that are worth a little time travel to former days.

So here's this week's five songs you shouldn't miss:

Love Me - The 1975
The 1975 are back. After all the fears about the band splitting up and all the teasing for new music here it finally is. It's great! They've kept their sound at least so far, that you can still instantly recognise the song as theirs. I love the message behind this song and I love how much thought they have put into it.
P.S.: Stereo headphones required ;)

Kiss Me - Olly Murs
There's also new music by Olly Murs. It is different from what he has done before, but still super catchy. And happy (even though the lyrics are a bit sad). It's a bit more electronic than earlier singles and has some kind of 80's vibe. Kiss Me is co-written by Taio Cruz and you can hear that. Good for a little dance party in your bedroom.

On My Mind - Ellie Goulding
As the last two this is the first single of an upcoming album. Ellie Goulding's album Delirium will be out on Friday. On My Mind is already out a few weeks and it's a typical Ellie song, with a bit of an agry touch. I love the attitude and am looking forward to hearing the whole album.

Without you - Oh Wonder
Last Thursday I told you how much I love the debut album of Oh Wonder and this single is the best one they could have chosen. It's so dreamy and simply beautiful. I don't think I've got to say anything else. Just listen to it.

Hello - Adele
Of course this one can't be missing. It's the comeback and song everyone was talking about during the last weeks. Adele has broken Taylor Swift's record for Most Played Video within 24 hours and it felt like everyone had Hello on repeat. Therefore the ballad seems to be topping nearly every chart in the world.
It's a brilliant song, wonderfully written and produced. And if you have forgotten about how clear and amazing Adele's voice is - this is your reminder.

I know some of them are already a few weeks old, but as it's the first post of the feature I hope you can live with this, because I really didn't want you to miss out. Except for the Adele one, I'm quite sure no one with an interne connection missed out on that one..

Let me know if you think this is a good idea. And also comment what your favourite new song in the past weeks was. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Julia x


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